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Contacts Lens vs Traditional Glasses

Contact Lenses vs Traditional Glasses 

If you need vision correction, chances are you sometimes wonder whether you would prefer to wear contact lenses or traditional glasses. The answer varies depending on your budget, lifestyle, and needs. Patients ask us this question almost every day, here at Leawood Vision Professionals.

Benefits of Wearing Contacts and Other Things to Consider

Sometimes people worry about whether it would be hard to fit contacts to their eyes. We found that with a few exceptions, most people can effectively use contacts if they so choose. Your optometrist will confirm whether there is any medical reason that you would be hard to fit for contacts and what options might be appropriate.

Safely using contacts requires that you maintain a clean and hygienic environment and that you use a special solution to wash your lenses before putting them in.

Contact Lens Benefits

Wearing contacts offers new options to vision correction, including enhancing your appearance with colored contacts.

Many people feel their vision is better when they wear contact lenses because the lenses fit directly on the surface of the eyes.

One of the top reasons some people prefer contacts is they like that people can’t easily tell they are wearing them.

Benefits of Traditional Glasses Over Contacts

Even if you opt for contacts, your optometrist will most likely suggest you also get a pair of glasses. After all, there may be days when you don’t feel like going through the ritual of putting your lenses in and removing them.

Also, if you swim or do water aerobics you may not want the hassle of creating a clean working environment to remove and replace your lenses at the gym or public swimming pool.

In addition to ease of use, many people enjoy changing their look by using different sets of frames.

Talk With an Optometrist to Help You Decide

A skilled optometrist can help identify the best eyewear for your needs. If you live in the Leawood, Kansas, area, contact the Vision Professionals of Leawood to schedule an appointment.


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