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Eye Allergy Treatment at Vision Professionals of Leawood

Temperate springtime weather, blossoming flowers, green leafy trees -- these sights can add a lot of cheer to your life. But if they also trigger allergic responses, they may not be a welcome sight at all. Many people suffer from eye allergies, which can be set off by a variety of natural and man-made stimuli. The good news is that Vision Professionals of Leawood can help you cope. We can track down the cause of your symptoms and provide effective remedies for your irritated eyes.

Eye Allergy Treatment at Vision Professionals of Leawood

Causes and Symptoms of Eye Allergies

Your immune system normally does you a favor by producing histamine and antibodies as a defense against invading germs. But sometimes those "germs" are really nothing but harmless everyday substances. When your immune system mistakes these substances for disease organisms, you end up experience a host of symptoms, from a runny nose to coughing and sneezing fits. You may also experience a condition called allergic conjunctivitis. The conjunctiva, a membrane at the front of the eye, becomes red, itchy, and irritated as a result of an allergic reaction. Your eyes may also emit a watery discharge that can temporarily blur your vision. Common allergy triggers include:

    • Perfumes
    • Smoke
    • Airborne chemicals
    • Mold Spores
    • Tree or grass pollen
    • Pet Dander
    • Contact lens solution
    • Eye makeup
    • Protein deposits on contact lenses

Our Optometry Center Can Get Your Eye Allergies Under Control

Most cases of allergic conjunctivitis are not actually dangerous -- but any form of extended or severe conjunctivitis can be bad for the corneas if it isn't brought under control. Our optometry team can do just that, starting by determining exactly what you're allergic to. Allergies to pollen, mold, and seasonal vegetation can be managed through strategies such as wraparound glasses and other physical barriers. If you're allergic to particles collecting on your contact lenses, you may need to switch to different lens material that doesn't accumulate those particles so readily. You might even be allergic to your contact lens cleaning solution or eye makeup, in which case you may need alternative options in those areas as well. 

Even if you can't avoid your allergy triggers, our clinic can soothe your symptoms. Antihistamines can block the histamine production that produces the characteristic itching and eye-watering. Artificial tears or medicated eye drops can relieve inflammation and irritation.

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