Pediatric Eye Exam

Eye Exam for Children At Vision Professionals of Leawood

Testing kids' eyes require skill to get the most accurate results from impatient patients. At Vision Professionals of Leawood, we have an optometrist who will carefully test your child's vision while making the process as smooth as possible for your little one.

Eye Exam for Children At Vision Professionals of Leawood

When to Get a Pediatric Vision Test

Though your child may not be able to walk, he still needs to get his first vision test as a newborn. This test typically comes with the other exams your child will get at this age. During one of your child's later pediatrician visits between six months and one year, he should get another eye exam.

The first time you need to bring your child to an optometrist is around three years of age. It's important to identify vision problems before your child begins school. During this early test, the eye doctor will look at how well your child's eyes can focus on items at different distances as well as their alignment. Your child may require a follow-up visit with a medical eye doctor, called an ophthalmologist, if the optometrist noticed any problems.

During school, your child may have vision screenings from the school nurse. If not, take your child to an optometry clinic for regular tests to catch problems early. A child with vision problems may not notice anything wrong, but he could fail to learn at an expected pace or have behavior problems simply from not being able to see the material as well as his peers. If you suspect your child might have trouble seeing, bring him to our eye doctor in Leawood.

Glasses for Kids

If our eye doctor notices your child needs corrective lenses during the eye exam, don't worry, we can help you get the prescription your child needs for the right lenses. Clear vision is crucial to learning. To ensure all children we see get the best vision possible we take the utmost care with every eye exam for children we conduct. We also carefully determine the best lenses for the glasses for kids we recommend. Better vision can give your child a chance to perform at his best in school and sports. With regular vision testing, you can ensure your child sees the world around him as clearly as possible.

Schedule Your Visit with Our Eye Doctor in Leawood!

At Vision Professionals of Leawood, we provide exams for patients of all ages. If you need to schedule a visit for yourself, your child or both, give us a call at (913) 239-9446. Our team can't wait to help your child see better. The first step is a pediatric vision screening.

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