Pediatric Eye Exam

Your baby needs an eye care exam from a family eye doctor at six months of age. Children should then see an eye doctor about once a year. Vision Professionals of Leawood in Leawood, KS tells you what to expect from a pediatric eye exam.

Eye Exam for Children At Vision Professionals of Leawood

What to Bring

Along with your child, you need to bring to the optometry clinic:

  • A list of all of the medications and nutritional supplements your child is taking
  • Your child’s medical records, especially any records from a previous eye doctor
  • A list of any questions you want to ask the eye doctor.

Before the Visit

If your child is old enough to understand, explain what is going to happen. This will make the child less anxious. It’s important that children stay still during eye exams.

About Eye Drops for Dilation Tests

Eye doctors need to see the back of your child’s eyes in order to make sure they are normal. They also need to see if the muscles in your child’s eyes are working normally. In order to do this, eye doctors need to put in drops to dilate your child’s eyes. This can give your child a headache and make your child sensitive to light. Use the sunglasses you brought to help make your child more comfortable.

Stay in the Room with Your Child

It’s recommended that you stay in the exam room with your child. This usually makes your child better behaved during the exam. Babies will be examined while being held in your lap.

The Exam

Your child’s exam will involve lights being shined in the eyes. If your child is old enough, an eye chart will be used. Younger children’s eyes will be examined as they watch lights or toys being moved around.

How to Find a Family Eye Doctor

Your pediatrician or family doctor can give you recommendations for eye doctors in your area. If you have vision insurance, you can call your insurance company to see what eye doctors are in their network.

Your Pediatric Eye Doctor in Leawood KS

If you have further questions about a pediatric eye exam for your child and live in the Leawood KS area, contact Vision Professionals of Leawood at (913) 239-9446 to make an appointment today.


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