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Whether you need a routine eye test in Leawood or help with a serious eye problem, Vision Professionals of Leawood is the place to be. Our Leawood optometrist at our clinic can offer services such as:

Family Eye Care - Schedule your next eye test in Leawood right here! Your optometrist can check your eye health, eye function and visual acuity through an annual Leawood eye exam, recommending treatment for any diseases or disorders we find.

Contact Lenses - We offer a wide range of contact lens options, from standard soft contacts and gas permeable extended-wear contacts to specialized lenses such as multifocal and toric lenses.

Scleral Lenses - Scleral lenses are another type of specialized lenses we can provide here at Vision Professionals of Leawood. These oversized contacts vault over the cornea to help compensate for conditions such as dry eye and keratoconus.

Post Refractive Surgery Eye Care - Refractive surgery can correct your eyesight within a matter of minutes, but proper follow-up care is critical. Our Leawood optometrist can provide this post-surgical care through the periodic eye and vision evaluations.

Post Corneal Transplant Eye Care - Severe corneal injuries or keratoconus may call for a corneal transplant. If we decide you need this procedure, we will follow your post-operative recovery closely to ensure an optimal outcome.

Graft Versus Host Disease Care - Graft versus host disease, or GVHD, occurs when the body's immune system has a negative reaction to donor tissue, resulting in corneal abnormalities. Scleral contacts can correct for these abnormalities.

Corneal Abrasion Treatment and Prevention - Chronic dry eye, burns or foreign objects can create corneal abrasions and possible scarring. We can treat most abrasions with eye drops, antibiotics, and other gentle remedies. We can also treat dry eye to help prevent corneal damage.

Myopia Control - Today's techniques can control the progress of myopia (nearsightedness) in children. We can prescribe Ortho-K lenses (for overnight wear), atropine drops or multifocal soft contact lenses to help your little ones see more clearly for life.

Dry Eye Clinic - Dry eye is an irritating problem caused by abnormal tear film (which normally contains a mix of water, mucous and oil) or insufficient tear production. Your Leawood optometrist can figure out what's causing your dry eye and recommend treatments ranging from artificial tears and lifestyle changes to procedures for opening up clogged oil-producing glands.

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