Glaucoma: The Common Eye Disease for Adults Over 50

Certain eye conditions are more likely to affect older individuals, and glaucoma is one of them. This eye disease causes blindness if nothing is done to slow it down. For those in the Leawood area who are having vision problems, Vision Professionals of Leadwood is a great place to go for accurate diagnosis and proper eye care.


What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a common eye disease for adults over 50, although it can happen at any age. An abnormal buildup of pressure in the eye that causes optic nerve impairment is glaucoma. The pressure within the eye is the result of the eye not being able to drain fluid through the trabecular meshwork. Those that had an eye injury, a family history of the disease, or are over the age of 50 are more likely to suffer from it.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease that does not necessarily show any symptoms until it has progressed a great deal, and it gets worse without intervention. Some of the most common symptoms of glaucoma are seeing halos or rainbows around light sources, having hazy or clouded vision, and having blind spots in the side vision. Some people will have eyes redder than usual. In severe cases, where the disease has progressed, sharp or shooting pain in the eye or headaches can occur.

Treatment from an Eye Care Professional in Leawood

When it comes to slowing down the advancements of glaucoma, our eye care professional has two options. The most common treatment is prescription eye drops, which reduces the pressure in the eye by decreasing fluid production or by improving how the eye drains the fluid. This treatment is mostly used when the disease is in the very early stages. Another option is using oral medication. This method brings high eye pressure down to safe and normal levels.

Make an Appointment with The Optometry Team at Vision Professionals of Leawood Today

Glaucoma has no cure, but it can be slowed down. For those in Leawood or the surrounding area, the optometry team at Vision Professionals of Leawood can help you find the right treatment method for your glaucoma. We have a fantastic team that is ready and waiting to help you. For more information about glaucoma or to book an appointment with our optometrist in Leawood, contact us today at (913) 239-9446.

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