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Chronic Dry Eye Treatment at Vision Professionals of Leawood

Anyone can experience fleeting dryness in their eyes due to a sudden gust of wind, a one-time exposure to an allergen, or an unusually rigorous computer session that causes digital eye strain. But when the dry eye becomes your constant companion, you face potential long-term damage to your corneas. Fortunately, you don't have to let chronic dry eye wreck your vision. Here at Vision Professionals of Leawood, we can provide the severe dry eye treatment options you need, from dry eye drops to smarter work habits.

Chronic Dry Eye Treatment at Vision Professionals of Leawood

When Dry Eye Becomes a Significant Problem

Dry eye is a condition in which your eyes simply can't maintain their delicate balance of hydration, disease protection, and lubrication. The three layers that go into your tear film (consisting of mucous, water and oil) usually provide this combination of benefits every time you blink. A windy environment or allergy attack may temporarily expose your eyes to conditions that your tear glands simply can't keep up with, thus drying out your eyes. Occasional overuse of your eyes in front of a computer might also cause a temporary bout of digital eye strain, complete with dry, irritated eyes.

Sometimes, however, dry eye can become a chronic, serious problem. If you're prone to age-related dryness, for example, you may have trouble with a dry eye all the time. You might have an underlying chronic health problem such as an auto-immune disease that causes your eyes to stay dry, or you might be forced to take medications that have a drying effect. The demands of your workplace may require you to spend long hours at a computer every day. When you suffer from continuous dry eye, your corneas are at the mercy of germs, foreign objects, and eventual ulceration and vision loss.

Severe Dry Eye Treatment Options From Our Eye Doctor in Leawood

Our eye doctor in Leawood, Dr. Ohde, can provide the chronic or severe dry eye treatment you need to preserve your eyesight and eye health. We may prescribe different kinds of dry eye drops ranging from artificial tears and lubricating eye drops or gels to corticosteroids, depending on the severity of your condition. We can also provide you with healthy long-term strategies for reducing digital eye strain. You may even benefit from changes in your general medical treatment plan or specialized contact lenses designed to minimize dry eye issues.

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