Dry Eye

If you're in the Leawood, KS, area and looking for an optometrist to help with dry eye and other eye health concerns, Vision Professionals of Leawood is here to meet your needs. Our eye doctor and staff have the optometry treatment options that will work to help your eyes make more tears, so you can reduce the discomfort you're feeling. We can also help with the areas around the eyes, for tighter skin and an aesthetic you feel good about.

Dry Eyes

What Is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction?

The meibomian gland is responsible for providing the proper level of lubrication for your eyes. If it becomes blocked or otherwise stops working effectively, you could be diagnosed with meibomian gland dysfunction. Naturally, you need the proper diagnostics to determine that, and your optometrist can give you the testing and information you need.

How Does Optilight Help?

Optilight is a medical device designed to treat dry eye by unblocking the meibomian glands and encouraging them to make more of their own lubrication. This is preferable to eye drops or other treatments because it restores the natural function of these glands.

Should You Tighten Your Skin?

Another thing that people often consider when they improve the health of their eyes is tightening the skin around them. Aesthetic changes can be made to the eye area, such as tightening the skin, can leave you looking more youthful. This often adds to a person’s confidence and peace of mind.

Get the Aesthetic You're Looking for

As you tighten the skin around your eyes, aesthetic changes take place. Coupled with diagnostics to create a good treatment for dry eye and restoration of your meibomian gland's function, you can have an eye area that looks and feels better. Whether you want to focus on one or more areas of improvement, you should work with an eye doctor who understands your needs and can give you the help you're asking for. Then you can move forward with your eye health and skin care goals.

Optometry Help for All Your Needs

If you're in the Leawood, KS, area, get in touch with us today at Vision Professionals of Leawood. We want to help you get the treatment and support you need for dry eye and skin tightening, so you can feel like yourself again. Then you can look forward to a happier, healthier future for your eyes.

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