Dry Eye FAQs

Dry eye syndrome is experienced by many people, and often people start out thinking it is simply part of the aging process and is something they need to learn to live with. Rather than seeing a Doctor of Optometry, they will buy over the counter remedies, such as artificial tears and eye drops in order to make their eyes feel less itchy and dry. While these remedies can help for a while, there is more to dry eye syndrome than a simple lack of moisture. Often it takes an eye doctor at Vision Professionals of Leawood to understand what is behind the condition in a person's specific case and help assure that they are getting the treatment they need.

What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome?

While there are some cases of dry eye that are simply aggravated by dry air, usually there is more to the condition. It happens when eyes cannot make sufficient tears, by either not making enough tears or making poor-quality tears. In many cases, this happens because tear ducts are blocked.

If I have "Dry Eyes" why do I have so many tears sometimes?

Because dry eyes don't necessarily stop tears, but they might produce tears that are poor quality, causing eyes to water excessively. With the excess watering, your eyes may be more sensitive to light or irritants that are in the air. Your eyes may sting, and it can feel like there is something in your eye. In some cases, it can blur your vision temporarily.

Can I wear contacts with dry eyes?

It is harder to wear regular contacts with dry eyes, but there are contact lens options that have a higher water content that makes it possible, and even beneficial for your eyes to wear certain types of specialty contacts.

What are my treatment options for my dry eyes?

Tear production is most often an issue for those over 50 years old, and women. Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, being on birth control, or menopause can affect tear production. A deficiency in vitamin A can also have a negative effect. For some artificial tears are enough, but not always.

At Vision Professionals of Leawood, our Doctors of Optometry can measure both the quality and quantity of your tears in order to determine the best course of treatment. We will look for the underlying cause of your dry eye, and may prescribe medication or may even suggest procedures that help your tear ducts drain properly.

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