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Unlike traditional eyeglasses that tend to slip out of position during activities, contact lenses usually don’t. They’re tiny and virtually invisible lenses ideal for active lifestyles. You can also use them to achieve a natural appearance while experiencing clear vision. However, they must be fitted properly by an eye doctor, for optimal comfort, vision correction, and optic health. Trust us at Vision Professionals of Leawood for contact lens services if you’re in Leawood, KS, or its surroundings.

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Types of Contact Lenses

We offer various types of contact lenses and we prescribe them based on different factors, including the following.

●             Wear Schedule: You can get daily wear lenses which are meant to be removed and disinfected every night. Alternatively, there are extended wear lenses that you can wear overnight for up to 30 days.

●             Lens Material: Some options when it comes to material include soft and rigid. Soft contact lenses are the most common because they’re flexible and breathable. The other option, hard or rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses, are more durable than the soft ones.

●             Replacement Schedule: The first option here is daily disposables, which are meant to be discarded after a day’s use. Other types of contacts are worn during the day and removed overnight and can be used again.

Besides correcting vision, we offer specialty contacts for other purposes, such as enhancing eye color and treating certain eye conditions.

The Benefits of Contact Lenses

The advantages of contact lenses vary depending on various factors ranging from the purpose and underlying eye conditions to lifestyle and wearing habits. Below is an overview of the benefits of contacts:

●             Active Lifestyle: There’s no worry about slipping glasses whether you’re hitting the gym, playing sports, or enjoying outdoor adventures.

●             Confidence: Wearing contact lenses can boost your self-confidence by potentially giving you a more natural look.

●             Avoid Eyeglasses: If you don’t like wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses can be a good alternative.

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At Vision Professionals of Leawood in Leawood, KS, we offer more than contact lenses. We provide comprehensive eye exams and personalized care to help promote your overall vision health for years to come. Call us at (913) 239-9446 to schedule an appointment now. Call us for eye doctor care from an optometrist near you.


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