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7 Signs You Might Have Eye Cataracts

The Seven Warning Signs That You Might Have Cataracts

At Vision Professionals of Leawood, our eye care experts know how to help the people in our community spot cataracts. Cataracts are a clouding of the eye that develops slowly over time. Although there is no natural cure for this condition, we can slow the progression with several optometry measures.

The optometry experts at our Leawood, KS, vision center have put together the seven signs of cataracts for you to know.

Cloudy Vision

Cloudy vision is the classic symptom of this condition. As your lens starts to obscure, your vision will decrease, making it difficult to perform your usual activities.

Poor Night Vision

Cataracts also make it difficult to see well at night due to less light entering the eye.

Sensitivity to Light and Glare

This condition can cause you to become more sensitive to bright lights and glare.

Distortion and Halos

The clouded layer over the eye’s lens creates several different types of distortion. One of the most notable is seeing halos around light sources like lamps and headlights.

Frequent Prescription Changes

If your prescription is often changing, it may be due to cataracts.

Fading Colors

If you have cataracts, colors may look faded, or objects may appear more yellow or brown. By obscuring the light that enters the eye, it makes color vision less effective.

Double Vision

Double vision typically occurs in only one eye. It happens when you see two of the same object in your field of view.

Vision Professionals of Leawood Can Diagnosis Cataracts and Provide Eye Care

If you are in the Leawood, KS, area, and suspect that you might have cataracts, get in touch with us today. The friendly staff at Vision Professionals of Leawood are here to help you with all of your eye care needs and concerns.


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