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Dry Eye

The optometrists at Vision Professionals of Leawood understand the discomfort of dry eye syndrome. Tears naturally provide nourishment and lubrication across the cornea. Dry eye condition, due to one cause or another, is the drying of the eye because enough tears are not produced or the tears that are produced are insufficient to maintain the cornea. This condition means gritty, burning, red irritated eyes that water excessively and blur vision.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Temporary dry eye conditions may be caused by certain medications or environmental conditions. If you remove the problem or remove yourself from the situation, your issues with dry eye will probably clear up. Antidepressants, antihistamines, blood pressure medicines, and decongestants are the most common culprits of drying out your system, as well as impeding your ability to produce tears. Dry and windy climates, smoky areas, long-term contact lens use, and extended exposure to computer and television screens can also contribute to dry eye symptoms.

Chronic dry eye is caused by situations that you may not be able to change, like age. Growing older is problematic and dry eyes are a natural part of the process. Being a woman contributes to hormonal causes like pregnancy, menopause, and the use of oral contraceptives that can lead to insufficient tear production. Chronic health conditions such as diabetes, inflammation of the eyelids, rheumatoid arthritis, LASIK eye surgery, and thyroid issues may also be the source of your dry eye condition. Some people sleep with their eyelids half-closed. This will definitely dry out the eyes on a consistent basis.

What Can Be Done?

You could rest your eyes for several minutes every hour, wear protective eye gear that covers the entire eye, use over-the-counter artificial tears, or take supplements containing essential fatty acids. If you cannot find relief, then we will be happy to ease your discomfort and frustration. We can take your optometry treatment further by adding prescription eye drops and other long-term strategies to improve your eye health and vision. Come in and see us at Vision Professionals of Leawood and get on the road to improved eyesight and eye health.


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