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Myopia Control in Kids

Myopia Control in Kids

For the Vision Professionals of Leawood, we aren't just interested in treating current eye conditions. Our team is also dedicated to preventative care, giving clients the knowledge and tools needed to avoid future eye health problems. Myopia control is one of the concerns that we care about.

What is Myopia?

Myopia, also known as near-sightedness or short-sightedness, is an eye disorder that causes poor vision when it comes to viewing long distances. While a myopic patient can see things clear up close, objects may appear blurry or distorted when far away. Near-sightedness is extremely common, affecting over 1.5 billion people around the globe. Those with this disorder tend to have trouble performing visual-based tasks such as driving at night.

Causes of Myopia

There are different causes for near-sightedness. Research indicates that environmental factors may be at play, as myopia has spread in large numbers throughout the developed world; people spending more time indoors may be more likely to develop near-sightedness. Myopia is also strongly linked to heredity, with many myopic people having a family history of this condition as well.

Myopia is organized into different types, like simple myopia, degenerative myopia, and induced myopia. The type of eye condition you have can be diagnosed through a qualified eye doctor.

How to Practice Myopia Control

Because of its high prevalence, health professionals are looking to control the epidemic of myopia. Experts are recommending that people, especially children, spend more time outdoors to prevent the likelihood of developing myopia. Other preventative measures include topical medications and specific eyeglasses or contact lenses that work to improve vision.

Getting Pediatric Optometry in Leawood

Are you interested in reducing the chances of myopia for your children? Regular eye examinations will aid in that quest. Contact the Vision Professionals of Leawood to get in touch with a quality optometrist in Leawood. We can provide excellent optometric care designed for children in mind.


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