Vision Therapy

What is Vision Therapy?

A variety of visual impairments require surgical treatment to correct, but sometimes surgery is not appropriate to treat certain conditions. Vision therapy is a non-surgical treatment that encompasses physical strengthening of the ocular muscles to help you have better control of your vision and vision training to address the entire visual system. The eyes and brain work together to process images, and often patients with vision problems, such as computer vision syndrome, double vision, and convergence insufficiency, see significant improvement from vision therapy. If you are unsure if surgery, vision therapy, or a combination of both is necessary to help treat your visual impairment, our vision therapist in Leawood at Vision Professionals of Leawood can perform a full eye exam in-office and develop the best treatment plan for you.


When Eyeglasses and Contacts Aren't Enough

Eyeglasses and contact lenses work by redirecting light as it enters the eye so that the brain can accurately interpret images. Certain vision problems can persist even after corrective lenses have been applied, like those that involve a physical weakness in the ocular muscles. Our qualified optometrist works with patients to develop a custom treatment plan to improve visual abilities, increase visual comfort and efficiency, and change how the patient processes visual information.  

Not Just Exercises

Vision therapy helps treat most refractive errors, but this does not mean that patients who depend on eyeglasses or contacts will benefit from it. Our optometrist is qualified to assess your visual acuity with a comprehensive exam and determine if vision therapy is right for you. Unlike physical therapy for your body, vision therapy targets your vision. It aims to "teach" the brain and eyes to work together more cohesively to correct certain vision problems. With the use of prisms, lenses, filters, and even computer-assisted visual programs, our optometrist can provide certain exercises to work on your specific vision problems. Oftentimes, therapy will include exercises that you will need to complete at home.

Improve Your Vision by Scheduling an Appointment Today

Here at Vision Professionals of Leawood, our optometrist has the expertise to determine how vision therapy may play in your long-term treatment plan. For more information about how vision therapy can help you, or to make an appointment with our vision therapist in Leawood, call us today at 913-239-9446.


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