Myopia Control

Understanding How Myopia Control Works

Myopia is a type of eye condition that affects countless Americans. You may know it better as being nearsighted or just recognize it as blurry vision when trying to focus on objects far away. Thankfully, it’s a condition that can be treated and Vision Professionals of Leawood can help.


You have several options to choose from when treating this condition. These options include simply wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses, undergoing a LASIK procedure, or having eye surgery. Among the newer forms of treatment for this condition is an approach known as myopia control.

The Elements of Myopia Control

There are four main elements of this treatment and they must all be administered with the help and supervision of an eye doctor.

Atropine Eye Drops

One may assume that training your eyes to focus more frequently will help improve their performance but that may have the opposite effect. Instead of improving your eyesight, focusing your eyes too much may contribute to becoming nearsighted. That issue is particularly prevalent in children. The atropine eye drops are designed to ease the focusing mechanisms in the eyes by dilating the pupils. Dilating the pupils prevents the iris from contracting. These eye drops can help slow down the development of nearsightedness.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Dilating the pupils is not the only way to prevent the eyes from changing the size of your iris too often. Wearing corrective lenses that will improve your vision at various distances is also quite effective. You may be asked to wear multifocal contact lenses often to keep your nearsightedness in check.

Multifocal Eyeglasses

These eyeglasses work much in the same way as the multifocal contact lenses. If you’re having trouble wearing the multifocal contact lenses, then these glasses should work as a suitable alternative.


Finally, we have ortho-k, which is otherwise known as orthokeratology. Ortho-k involves the usage of contact lenses but you don’t have to wear them as often to correct your blurry vision. Instead, these contact lenses are supposed to be worn while you sleep. The lenses are specifically designed to prevent your eyes from moving too much while you’re asleep for the night. You can rely on these lenses to improve your vision temporarily throughout the day.

Being nearsighted can be troublesome but it’s a problem that you and your eye doctor can address. Call Vision Professionals of Leawood today at 913-239-9446 to schedule an appointment.

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