Senior Eye Care

Senior Eye Care At Vision Professionals of Leawood

After the age of fifty, a yearly eye exam is vital as older adults are predisposition to particular eye diseases and vision loss. At our optometry office in Leawood, Dr. Tyler Ohde is our professional optometrist who has extensive experience with senior eye care. He can help you maintain good eye health and vision throughout the years.


The Importance of Senior Eye Care

Your eyes are like all other parts of the body that as you age, they stop working as well. No matter how good you take care of your health, from regular exercise to eating well, there's no way to prevent vision from changing as you get older. Even people who never had to wear glasses for reading and distance for most of their lives may need glasses after the age of 40 or 50. In addition to vision changes, eye conditions can occur, and some of them can develop with no noticeable symptoms until damage has already happened to the eyes. By regularly scheduling eye appointments with our optometrist, Dr. Ohde can screen your eyes and diagnose problems so that treatment can start, and he can recommend several options if your vision is declining.

Common Conditions in People Over 50

As mentioned previously, vision changes and eye damage can befall when we get older. A few age-related eye health problems that certainly affects seniors are listed below.

  • Glaucoma: This eye disease typically show no symptoms during the early stages, and it happens when the interior fluid in the eye cannot flow out properly. This problem then increases pressure in the eye and damages the optic nerve, thus, decreasing vision.
  • Cataracts: Cataracts are the most problematic issue that is associated with age. They cause blurry or double vision due to the lens of the eye becoming cloudy.
  • Macular Degeneration: We can see objects and colors in detail due to the macula. Aging can deteriorate the macula and make reading, driving, and seeing things that much harder.
  • Dry Eye Syndrome: The eyes are moist for many reasons, such as helping light rays to enter the eye with no problem. The older we get, the harder the eyes have to keep them hydrated, which leads to dry eye syndrome. The symptoms can be uncomfortable, but fortunately, we have several treatment options that can help the eyes stay moist.

Schedule Your Next Appointment with Our Optometrist in Leawood

Here at Vision Professionals of Leawood, we can help you take care of your eyes for the years to come. Schedule your next optometry appointment with Dr. Ohde by calling 913-239-9446.

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