Senior Eye Care

Our eye care team here at Vision Professionals of Leawood is proud to offer the highest standard of eye and vision care through all stages of life. For seniors, there are some important eye screenings and other specialized ocular care that may be needed; that's because seniors are more prone to developing certain eye conditions and diseases, as well as vision loss. Fortunately, our eye care team offers the comprehensive services seniors need to stay on top of their eye health with ease!

senior eye care.

Senior Eye Care Services and Screenings

One of the most important eye care services we offer for seniors is that of the comprehensive senior eye and vision exam. Whereas we generally recommend annual eye exams for teens and adults, we tend to recommend more frequent eye exams once adults hit the age of 60. Specifically, coming in for eye and vision exams twice a year is the best way for us to be on the lookout for even the smallest changes in your ocular health that could indicate the need for further diagnostic testing. And of course, these exams allow us to make sure your corrective vision prescription doesn't become outdated.

In addition to more frequent eye and vision exams, there are also some special diagnostic screening tests that we may recommend based on your age, family history, and other risk factors. For example, both glaucoma and cataracts are eye conditions that become increasingly common with age. By screening for these conditions early and regularly, we can detect them and treat them as promptly and successfully as possible.

Additional Tips for Senior Eye and Vision Health

In addition to coming into our office for these regular eye screenings and exams, there are some additional tips seniors can follow to protect their eye health. For starters, never hesitate to see an eye doctor if you notice any symptoms such as sudden changes in vision or sharp eye pain. Furthermore, be sure to check in with your physician to make sure your diet is including plenty of nutrients that will preserve your eye and vision health.

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