Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma Treatment From Your Optometrist in Leawood, KS

Glaucoma is an eye disease most often linked to Americans who have reached the age of 60. As a matter of fact, it is the leading cause of blindness in this country. Patients who visit Vision Professionals of Leawood can depend on the skill of our optometrist in Leawood when it comes to diagnosing and treating glaucoma and other eye disorders.

Woman getting tested for Glaucoma in Leawood.

Overview of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an incurable and progressive disorder that affects the optic nerve due to buildup pressure in the eyes. There are two types of glaucoma: open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma. Among open-angle glaucoma patients, fluid in the eye cannot exit properly from the drainage structure called trabecular meshwork. A too-narrow drainage space between the iris and cornea is the culprit for angle-closure glaucoma patients. Risk factors for this disease include having a prior eye trauma, poor vision, a family history of the disorder, and being older than 40.

Most individuals won't have any symptoms of glaucoma. It is not until this disease is well-advanced that they begin to notice signs. Some common symptoms include:

    • Halos around lights
    • Loss of peripheral vision
    • A hazy eye appearance
    • Pain in an eye
    • Nausea with or without vomiting
    • Tunnel vision
    • Redness in the eye

Optometry Treatments for Glaucoma

Regular eye exams and monitoring are essential for patients who are at a high risk of developing glaucoma. Our optometrist’s goal is to detect the condition early on and get you started with treatment before the disease permanently damages the optic nerve. Early-stage patients typically use prescribed eye drops to lower the eye pressure.

If your condition is severe, we can refer you to an eye surgeon for laser surgery. Laser surgery is a procedure that improves the drainage angle flow by opening a passage for the fluid to flow. The ophthalmologist creates a small hole in the iris of the eye to help the fluid drain without building up in the trabecular meshwork. 

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The staff at Vision Professionals of Leawood maintains the highest standard of eye and vision care for families in Leawood and surrounding areas. Our optometrist provides many services, ranging from prescribing corrective eyewear to diagnosing and treating eye diseases. Call us today at 913-239-9446 to schedule an appointment. We want you to experience the best vision possible.

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