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Eye Exams for Allergies

Spring Eye Exams for Allergies at Vision Professionals of Leawood

Are you wondering what to do about your spring eye allergies this season? Our optometrists at Vision Professionals of Leawood can diagnose the severity of your eye allergies and recommend treatments to reduce your symptoms.

Woman suffering with allergy symptoms needs to contact an optometrist in Leawood.

Prepare Your Eyes for Allergy Season in Leawood

As spring approaches, it’s important to be proactive and prepare your eyes for allergy season in Leawood with help from our optometrist. Pollen, dust, pet dander, mold and car exhaust can all trigger eye allergy symptoms, which include mild to severe itching, red eyes, excessive watering, and burning. Some individuals may even experience eye discharge.

Eye Exams for Visual Acuity and Eye Health

When you come in for your Leawood eye exam this spring, you can expect our eye doctor to examine the overall health of your eyes and perform an eye test to check for visual acuity problems and update your prescription or provide you with your first prescription for eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.

If you are experiencing any eye allergy symptoms or are concerned about eye allergies this spring, our eye doctor can discuss your symptoms with you during your vision exam appointment and provide you with treatment options and lifestyle suggestions to help reduce your symptoms.

Common lifestyle suggestions include keeping your windows on your home and car closed during high pollen days and utilizing your air conditioner. Air conditioners contain air filters that help remove pollen and other particulate matter from your indoor air.

In addition to giving you ideas to help you be proactive about managing your itchy, watery eyes, our eye doctor can recommend eye drops, including decongestant eye drops as well as artificial tears and antihistamines to help you control your symptoms.

Contact Our Local Leawood Optometrist for More Information Today!

To schedule your eye test and vision exam this spring, call us at 913-239-9446. We can help you manage your itchy, watery eyes this spring. Are you ready to reduce your eye allergies this spring season with help from our eye doctor?


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  • "Dr. Ohde spent so much time with me during my examination. Very professional and courteous! And the staff is AMAZING!! AND!! THEY HAD POPCORN"
    Wendy Wilson Craig
  • "Exceptional experience! Dr. Ohde and his knowledgeable team are efficient, friendly and professional."
    Jill Campbell