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Eyecare For Seniors

Eyecare for Seniors

Many physical changes go along with aging and this includes vision changes. It’s important to have an eye exam with an optometrist regularly. By the time you reach 65, you should have an eye exam every year. If you live in Leawood or the surrounding communities, we hope you choose Vision Professionals of Leawood for your eyecare needs.

Common Eye Diseases for Seniors

There are some common eye diseases that you should be aware of and discuss them with your optometrist at each appointment. Glaucoma happens when too much pressure builds up in the eye. Glaucoma usually doesn’t cause any noticeable symptoms and is painless. It can take many years for glaucoma to show up in changes to your vision. An eye doctor can detect glaucoma much easier than a typical person. Since the vision loss is permanent, early detection is very important.

Many cataracts can be a normal part of the aging process but they can also be caused by other medical conditions. The only way to remove cataracts is with surgery. As you age, the macula also tends to change in ways that can cause a loss of sharp vision. You may have age-related macular degeneration if you lose your ability to see fine lines; meaning that lines look broken or wavy, or shadows or dark spots appear in your line of vision. While there is no cure for macular degeneration, there are treatments that can slow the vision loss.

Common Changes to Vision for Seniors

Seniors can also experience several other vision changes. You may find there is a need for more light since brighter lighting can help make tasks easier. There may also be a noticeable glare since changes in the lens cause the light to be more scattered. Lenses can also become discolored, which means it’s harder to see between certain shades of color and color shifts. With age, your tear glands will also produce fewer tears so you will likely need to have artificial tears. Bifocals may be able to help with certain vision changes as well.

Visit Your Optometrist Often

Even if you don’t have any vision changes or a need for glasses or bifocals, it’s still important to visit your eye doctor regularly to check for any conditions that could be developing. Call Vision Professionals of Leawood today at 913-239-9446 to schedule an appointment.


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