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Signs of Computer Vision

Common Signs Of Computer Vision And What To Do About It

The field of optometry is changing as the use of technology has a devastating impact on the eyes of people around the world. Computers are an integral part of the modern world, so you can’t eliminate screen time from your life entirely. What you can do is educate yourself on what computer vision syndrome is and take steps to prevent it from affecting your eyesight. The staff at Vision Professionals of Leawood are helping residents in and around Leawood, KS, reduce their eye strain caused by computer vision syndrome.

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision is also known as digital eye strain and involves eye discomfort and strain when looking at electronic screens for extended periods. The more you sit in front of a computer or stare at a tablet or cellphone, the more likely you are to suffer from this condition.

The glare coming from electronic screens is enough to cause eye strain, but poor lighting and close distance to the screen can also have an impact. If you have untreated vision problems, you may feel more strain when working on a computer.

Signs of Computer Vision

If you feel yourself squinting when looking at a computer or other electronic device, you’re likely suffering from computer vision. Other symptoms of the condition include:

  • Stress or tension in your eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Dry eyes

How Is Computer Vision Syndrome Treated?

Professional optometry services can help you overcome computer vision syndrome while correcting any other vision problems that may contribute to your discomfort. You can also wear special lenses that block the glare from computer screens. There are a lot of options available online, but our optometrist is the best resource for selecting the right fit for your needs.

You may also eliminate computer vision syndrome by spending less time staring at computer screens. You may not have the option to do that at work, but you can limit your time on computers and mobile devices in your personal time. When you must use a screen for an extended period, take frequent breaks to rest your eyes.

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Are you struggling with the signs of computer vision syndrome? Now is the time to contact Vision Professionals of Leawood for assistance in the Leawood, KS, area. Call 913-239-9446 to make an appointment.


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