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Importance of Sunglasses During Winter

The Importance of Sunglasses During Winter

You shouldn’t be putting away your favorite pair of sunglasses just because the temperature is dropping. Wearing sunglasses in the winter is just as important as in the summer. Your sunglasses offer protection from the elements. Just like you wouldn’t leave an umbrella at home if it’s raining, you shouldn’t get rid of your protective eyewear for sunny days in the winter. Our optometrist in Leawood at Vision Professionals of Leawood can help you find the perfect glasses for winter.

Provides UV Protection

Not only can sunglasses prevent certain eye conditions, they also provide UV protection. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun can damage the lens, cornea, and other parts of the eye. It can be a contributing factor in types of cataracts, macular degeneration, and pterygium, making it even more important to have the right UV protection year-round.

Help Reflect Light

UV rays from the sun can reach to the ground no matter what season it is. Being near water, ice, sand, or snow can increase the amount of UV radiation you get, which is why it’s important to have sunglasses in the summer by the pool or beach and in the winter when you are on the ski slopes or an outdoor ice rink. Ultraviolet exposure can also be stronger at higher altitudes, making it essential for hikers, mountain climbers, and skiers.

What to Look for in Sunglasses

The darkness of the lenses doesn’t make a difference in how much UV protection the glasses will give you. UV protection comes from the invisible dye on the lenses. Choose sunglasses that suit your style and vision, as well as provides you UV protection. Snowboarders and skiers should consider sunglasses with blue-blocking lenses that make distant objects easier to see in haze or snow.

Find the Right Look At Vision Professionals of Leawood

Our optometrist in Leawood can assist with choosing the right sunglasses for your needs. Contact Vision Professionals of Leawood at 913-239-9946 if you have any questions about how sunglasses can protect you during winter.


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