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Back to School Glasses

Back to School Glasses

Along with school supplies and new clothing, you cannot forget another staple for your kids: back to school glasses. If your child's vision and glass prescription have changed, their current glasses may not enable them to see the whiteboard, read computers, or complete other tasks that are necessary for the school setting. Without proper glasses, students may do poorly in school, which can affect them for their entire lives. Children who cannot see correctly are less outgoing and can struggle with self-esteem as well.

While some kids may be able to wear their current glasses when they head back through those school doors, others may not. It's the perfect time to test their sight for any changes and update their glasses prescription. Minors should have annual eye exams, and scheduling it before the start of the school year means you'll never forget.

When you pick out glasses for your child who is heading back to the classroom, you may opt for something traditional or choose something trendy. Either way, your kid can express their individuality through the glasses that they choose. Don't forget about older children and even college students who can express themselves with the right eyewear, too.

On top of style, don't forget to pick the right features. Some people need bifocals or might enjoy transition lenses, which protect their eyes when they're in bright light. Anti-glare coating, scratch resistance, and also blue filters can add functionality to what would otherwise seem a basic pair of eyeglasses. Fortunately, you can find many back-to-school sales that make it affordable to get everything you want in a pair of glasses, even if you're buying for more than one child. While you're at it, why not get your own exam and glasses, too?

Don't forget to consider contact lenses, too. Lenses may be the better option for your child who participates in afterschool sports and other activities.

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